What To Pack and Prep for Bariatric Surgery

Preparing a thoughtful hospital bag can make all the difference when gearing up for bariatric surgery. One big part of this preparation is knowing what to pack for the hospital for surgery. This article will guide you on what to buy before bariatric surgery. Comfort and practicality should be your guiding principles.

What To Pack for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Comfortable Attire

When it comes to clothing, comfort is paramount. Opt for loose-fitting attire that won’t rub against your incisions. Avoid tight waistbands, and say hello to loose-fitting sweatpants and soft t-shirts. Remember supportive undergarments that prevent rubbing.

Personal Care

Personal care items are your allies in maintaining hygiene and comfort during your hospital stay. Pack toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Tissues, hand sanitizer, and facial wipes will keep you feeling fresh. Dry skin is common after a gastric bypass in Mexico, so bring your favorite lotion and lip balm.

Medical Supplies

Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions regarding medical supplies. Essential items include prescription medications, supplements to aid healing, and any recommended pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Compression stockings or sleeves may also be needed to prevent blood clots and promote healing.


Stay hydrated with a convenient water bottle, preferably one with a straw for easy drinking. Proper hydration is vital for your recovery.

Comfort Aids

Consider a neck pillow to stay comfortable, especially if you need to sit up for longer periods. A small bag or backpack can be handy for carrying your items around the hospital and during your discharge.


In your hospital sanctuary, boredom is the enemy. Bring your trusty iPad, laptop, or phone for digital companionship. Alternatively, flip through your favorite magazines, engage with a gripping paperback, or journal your thoughts. Just remember your charger—a lifeline to uninterrupted entertainment.

A Good Attitude

Remember, a positive attitude and sense of humor can make a difference in your recovery. Studies show that optimism plays a significant role in healing, so bring your best attitude.

Pro-Tip for Packing Things to Take to the Hospital for Surgery

Make a bariatric surgery hospital checklist before packing to ensure you remember everything important. Follow your healthcare provider’s specific instructions for packing, as they may have unique requirements. Pack for the length of your stay, but keep your bags light to avoid excess weight. Organize your items in separate bags or containers, and consider labeling them for easy identification.

As you embark on your bariatric surgery journey, a well-prepared hospital bag can bring comfort and peace of mind. At Hospital BC, we’re dedicated to supporting your weight loss goals. Contact us to discover how we can assist you on your path to a healthier, happier life.