Everyone deserves to have the body that they love, whether you just want to smile when you look at the mirror in the morning or whether it has to do with your career or intimate relations. A Brazilian butt lift in Tijuana is one of the most popular surgeries today.

Still, you probably have some questions. For instance, you might be asking “How long after a BBL can I sit?”

It’s important to enhance your recovery process with the right strategies according to doctors’ and surgeons’ advice. So keep reading and we’ll explain how long after BBL you can sit. That way, you don’t lengthen the time to recover fully unnecessarily.

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How Long After A BBL Can You Sit?

When it comes to how long before you can sit after a BBL, you should wait around two or three weeks for recovery. Depending on your situation, your surgeon may even suggest waiting 6 weeks while your graft heals.

Why Waiting Matters

Now that we know how long can I sit after a butt lift, let’s talk about why it’s so important to wait that recommended period:

Incisions Or Healing And Inflammation

If you sit too early after your BBL, it could cause inflammation in the area. This could interrupt your body’s natural healing process.

Pain And Discomfort

Nobody wants extra pain if it’s avoidable, while your doctor will help you with pain medications and certain things to minimize your discomfort. Sitting down could make you experience additional pain.


You want to avoid too much pressure on the area. Keep in mind that you’ve just undergone an operation. As with any surgery, minimizing unnecessary physical pressure on the operation area will promote better healing for your body.

Choosing A Surgeon In Tijuana

When getting a butt lift, you’re talking about a part of our body that is both intimate and potentially public. If you ever plan on showing off your BBL at the beach, you want to know you’re in expert hands.So don’t rush into your decision. Make sure that your surgeon is licensed and connected with an institution that specializes in cosmetic surgeries for toning, lifting, shaping, and tightening your body.

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